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Labiaplasty – Tara, 22

”From around the age of fifteen, I was conscious that my labia minora was on the larger side and I often experienced some discomfort from chaffing of the excess skin when participating in various physical activities. However, the physical state of my labia began to psychologically affect me more throughout my later teenage years. I did not want to confide in anyone about my issue as I felt embarrassed with my body and was afraid I would be told that this was something I would just have to get over. It was not until I turned twenty-one that I decided I wanted to do something about this issue as it was not only affecting my inner self-esteem, but my physical relationships with others and I did not want to continue the rest of my life like this.

I contacted Dr Patrick Campbell who promptly arranged a consultation to discuss my concerns. Prior to the consultation, I was very apprehensive to open up about my labia abnormality; however, as I began to speak with Dr Campbell, I felt reassurance and a sense of understanding, not judgment.  I agreed to the labia reduction procedure that Dr Campbell had suggested, commonly referred to as ‘Labiaplasty,’ in which the excess skin of the labia minora is trimmed. The procedure went accordingly, and I was able to return home on the same day. I experienced some pain and swelling within the first two weeks as expected, however, this was kept under control with pain relief medication.

The healing process has gone very well and four months post operation I can honestly say that it has had such a positive significance to my life both physically and mentally. I feel much more confident in myself and experience no discomfort now whilst exercising. I am fully aware of the stigma attached to such procedures, and it is important to appreciate that women’s bodies come in all different shapes and sizes. However, when a body abnormality such as an excessively large labia minora impacts how you perceive yourself, reduces your libido and is generally uncomfortable on a day to day basis, it is hard to be comfortable in your own body.

Dr Campbell listened to my concerns and gave me the assurance to confide in him. I am very grateful for all that he has done for me throughout the lead up to the surgery and during the follow-up consultations afterwards. This was an apprehensive time for me as a young adult who knew no one that had undergone this procedure before. However, Dr Campbell’s professionalism was evident through the entire process and I was confident that this procedure was going to be a success. I can now say with confidence, that Dr Campbell is someone that truly listens to his patients’ concerns, and cares for them throughout the entire process.

This procedure has truly changed my life for the better, and I would encourage anyone that has experienced similar issues to me not to hide behind the shame or embarrassment. I am thankful that I was able to confide in Dr Campbell about this very sensitive matter, and through my experience, I can confirm that I am much more content within myself as a result of the labiaplasty procedure.

Thank you Dr Campbell.”

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