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Vaginoplasty – Niamh, 41

11yrs after I gave birth to my first child, I finally picked up the courage to look for some help regarding my so called ‘women’s issues’! At 41yrs old I was effectively incontinent. I had to wear a pad everyday for fear of leaking. I found it was effecting every part of my life. I could no longer sneeze or run without wetting myself and holding my husband in during sexual intercourse was a problem
My life has literally changed since I met Dr. Patrick Campbell! I instantly felt comfortable and reassured talking about this very personal and sensitive issue with Dr. Campbell. He was very understanding of my situation and was clear with his explanations & plans for my treatment. 
Dr. Patrick Campbell performed an anterior & posterior repair (vaginoplasty) at Kingsbridge hospital.  I have not looked back since. The difference it has made to my life is amazing. I have regained my confidence. I can now jump around and play with my kids without fear of leaking. I am no longer in fear of wetting myself when I sneeze or cough and holding my husband in during sexual intercourse is no longer a problem. It has totally changed my life.
The care I have received both in the hospital and at appointments by Patrick and his team has been fantastic. He takes a genuine interest in his patients health and wellbeing. He is an outstanding consultant.
I would highly recommend Dr. Patrick Campbell to anyone. 

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