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Vulval pain – Charlotte, 27

In recent years I have had increasing discomfort and severe pain in my vulva. The pain made it extremely uncomfortable to simply sit down or use the bathroom, intimacy was next to impossible. 

This had such an affect on my daily life, with work and even socialising, as due to the intimate area, all I wanted to do was be at home with hot water bottle.

No one seemed to understand what was wrong with me or where the pain was coming from and I was extremely embarrassed having to explain over an over again to different Doctors. I almost started to convince myself that it was all in my head because I couldn’t get any answers or relief from the pain.

When I met with Dr.Campbell he was very reassuring and informative with his diagnosis, the relief from simply knowing that he would be able to relieve my pain and give me back normality was the best feeling. 

At first I was dubious of the treatment as I’d only ever associated Botox with cosmetics, but Dr.campbell, again was reassuring and confident with this treatment plan.

I have since had the Botox injections to my vulva, it took a few weeks for it to settle the first time, but once it did I was in shock that I was able to wash myself or use the bathroom without wincing in pain, with this intimacy was possible again. 

Vulvodynia is a condition I knew nothing about, neither did my female friends, therefore experience has educated myself and those close to me on women’s health. Before my treatment I would have shied away from discussing my my pain, however, now I take every opportunity I can to be open up about my condition and hopefully encouraging others to do the same. 

It’s disheartening that others would brush it under the carpet with “women’s issues”, but Dr.campbell made me feel normal again by reassuring me how common this can be but also how successful his previous treatments with patients has been.  I encourage anyone with similar symptoms to not ignore your body and not let anyone put it down to “just women’s issues”.

Visiting Dr.Campbell was the best decision I’ve made, he has given me my life back and I cannot thank him enough for this.

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